Episode Thirty Six - Guest Author Raoul Fernandes - Part Two


We're back with week two of work by the incredible Raoul Fernandes! Please check out his bio and earlier episode here and pick up his knock-out debut collection at your local independent bookstore. 


Everything Must Go

The butcher shop closes down

and cleans out its insides. Everything

goes: cleavers, cutting boards,

hooks. The smell of blood fades,

the ghosts, if any, clear.


For a few months it’s only four white walls,

a small chair in a dim corner, and a light bulb

hanging from the ceiling.


We gaze through the front windows

coming home from parties

or night-school classes. It’s the nothing

we are drawn to, a kind of snowfall-nothing

or those empty pages at the end of a novel.


A month later, the Dollar Store

moves in and fills the room with racks

of glittering key chains and baskets

of toy dinosaurs.


We look in there less;

it’s still nothing, but a different kind.

I go in once to buy a broom, and another time

a dozen tea candles, even though

I had stepped inside

for something else.


(written by Raoul Fernandes, read by Chioke I'Anson) 

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