Episode Forty - Guest Author Amy Stuart

Photograph by Paige Lindsay

Photograph by Paige Lindsay

Back in 2005, Amy and I met at the Humber School for Writers Summer Workshop. Since then, it’s been the biggest thrill to see her writing get the acclaim it deserves. Her debut novel, Still Mine, has been on the Canadian bestseller list in two formats now and its sequel, Still Water, will be released on May 8. Amy was also the winner of the 2011 Writers’ Union of Canada Short Fiction Competition, and her work has appeared in newspapers and magazines across Canada. As if all that wasn’t enough, she teaches English at an alternative high school, helped organize Women March on: Toronto, and coaches hockey. Amy she lives in Toronto with her husband and their three sons. She’s generously allowed us to give you a sneak peek at Still Water here.


Excerpt from Still Water by Amy Stuart

published by Simon & Schuster

The painted hardwood is warm under Clare’s feet. She stands and tiptoes to the window. This room is on the second story, a porch roof extending below her. Two hundred feet ahead, a river churns. A willow tree is perched so close to the water that its thick roots curl over the edge of the bank. A wooden cross has been nailed askew to its trunk. Clare twists her hair into a bun, then crouches to catch the breeze on her neck.

Do you know about this place?

Yes, Clare thinks, eyes on the wooden cross. I know about this place.

It was Raylene who’d asked her this question as they lay in the dark last night, hours after Clare first arrived. Clare had feigned sleep instead of answering. Yesterday she’d felt certain she was equipped for this. She’d felt certain she’d learned all she could about High River, that this time her cover would be rock solid. Clare looks over her shoulder to Raylene, curled into fetal position, a pained look on her face as she sleeps. Clare looks back at the river, then presses the window all the way closed, her hands shaking with pain or withdrawal or panic, she can never tell which anymore.

It doesn’t matter if I’m ready, Clare thinks. I’m here.


(written by Amy Stuart, read by Chioke I'Anson) 

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