Welcome to The Oddments Tray

So, I’m terrible at blogging. But I got an offer I couldn’t refuse—the inimitable Chioke I’Anson suggested recording some microfiction together. We’d been working together on a podcast called Do Over (check it here!) and lending me his voice for my own writing was too generous a proposition to pass up. I’m hoping to release one compact story a week with some guest writers popping up as well.

The title comes from the junk receptacle between the two front seats of a car. When I think about my writing process, I often compare it to driving with random objects knocking around in the trunk. Every so often I open it up and see how they’ve come to fit together. Over the years, I’ve written a lot of text that will never find a commercial home—so here, in audio form, I’m emptying out the car tray, lost paper clips, loose change, grimy trail mix and all.   

In case you want to know more about Chioke (and you do!), you can check him out at VCU’s Department of African American Studies, listen to his interviews on SoundCloud, or you could just listen to NPR—he’s the one reading the underwriting

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