Buckrider Books, imprint at Wolsak & Wynn, Spring 2018

Going into parenthood, Henry Robinson never anticipated the wonder he would find in being a father. When his first daughter, Starr, is born with Williams Syndrome, Henry swears to devote his life to making her happy. 

Years later, working at Frankie's Funhouse, where Starr loves the life-like robots, Henry befriends Darren, a high school student who plays Frankie at work. Darren needs to get to the Chicago ComiCon to win back his ex-girlfriend and when Henry's wife and younger daughter express their feeling of neglect, and suggest that Starr should be more independent, Henry packs Starr (and her pet turtles) and Darren (still dressed as Frankie) into the van for a road trip no one was prepared for.  

IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT SINGING FLAMINGO is ultimately the story of a father, struggling to let his daughters grow up, and of a working class family, struggling against hard odds, to take care of each other when the world lets them down.