Episode THIRTEEN - Participation ribbon

Photo by  Erkan Utu

Photo by Erkan Utu

Now that he could see the end result of the public school sausage machine, now that the little wurst links were sitting in his lectures, Eric decided to volunteer in his son’s class. He brought a small aquarium full of murky water and theatrically dropped in a catfish. He’d planned to outline the nutrient cycle but a hand rocketed up. “My dog eats other dogs’ poop.” Big laughs. Another hand. “Why don’t you clean the tank?” Another. “My parents don’t believe in experiments on animals.” “Do fish eat their own poop?” He left cowed, unable to shift the discussion from feces. A few days later, the aquarium had cracked during a game of unsanctioned indoor tag. His son carried the dead Pleco home in a sandwich bag. “Sorry, Dad,” he said. “You tried.”

(written by Claire Tacon, read by Chioke I'Anson)

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